T.I.M.E. Summer School – Sustainability and the Global Economy

Dates: June 26th – July 7th, 2017 The objective of this two week summer programme is to give the students a deeper knowledge of the relation between sustainable development and the economic/financial conditions on a global scale encouraging them to propose creative solutions for real problems in a global context. More information on: Read all >

T.I.M.E. Engineering Challenge

Being part of an engineering community has many benefits, but the greatest of them is the opportunity to be in touch with peers that share the same enthusiasm and love for the work of an engineer. However, one can only make the most of the community by being active and interacting with the rest of… Read all >

T.I.M.E. Call for Projects

As decided at the 2016 General Assembly in Prague, a further Call for Projects is being made in 2016-17. Up to three new projects may be funded (up to 15,000 Euros per project) depending on the quality and relevance of the submissions. Note also that the T.I.M.E. Funding may used as a co-funding of a… Read all >

TESS – Publication

It is a pleasure to inform that last paper regarding TESS course will be published in next edition. The reference is: Project Based Learning in an International Context in Sustainability and the Global Economy. T.I.M.E. European Summer School: A Truly European Learning Experience* I. ORTIZ-MARCOS1; T. FRANSSON2; P. HAGSTRO¬®M2 and J. MAZORRA1 1 Universidad Polit√©cnica… Read all >