AFRICA Task Force

Our problematic:
How the African continent transition can develop new opportunities between African higher education institutions and the T.I.M.E. Network? And how to make sure the next generation in Africa take the lead of the African continent development?


  1. evaluate the trends/needs
  2. develop concrete recommandations
  3. support African institutions membership applications
  4. propose initiatives/programmes in line with African institutions and T.I.M.E. Members


T.I.M.E. Geographic Development , Professor Gérard DEGREZ



– Leader, Prof.Torsten FRANSSON, KTH

– Politecnico di Milano, Prof. Emanuela COLOMBO and Prof. Niccolo ASTE

– Université Libre de Bruxelles, Prof. Gérard DEGREZ and Prof. Marie-Paule DELPLANCKE

– ESI Sevilla, Prof. José Maria MAZA

– ENSTA Paris Tech, Prof. Nathalie BRANGER and Prof. Cécile VIGOUROUX

– Politecnico di Torino, Prof. Pier Luigi LEONE

– CentraleSupélec, Mr. Marc ZOLVER et Prof. Pascal BERNAUD

– Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Prof. Magali PHANER GOUTORBE

– Ecole Centrale de Lille, Prof. Simon DAVIES

– Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Mr. Frédéric POIRAUD