T.I.M.E. Engineering Challenge

Being part of an engineering community has many benefits, but the greatest of them is the opportunity to be in touch with peers that share the same enthusiasm and love for the work of an engineer. However, one can only make the most of the community by being active and interacting with the rest of the members, sharing ideas, thoughts, concerns and challenges.

T.I.M.E. and Ennomotive have agreed to work together in order to boost the networking experience of engineering students and alumni through interactive events and engineering challenges.

On one hand, T.I.M.E. (Top Industrial Managers for Europe) is a network of 55 leading Engineering Schools and Faculties and Technical Universities, which promotes bilateral agreements between its members in order to set up double degree programs. On the other hand we have Ennomotive, the first Crowd Engineering platform helping companies solve challenges while bringing opportunities to engineers from all over the world.


As a fun way of connecting engineers, the collaboration between these two communities will result in a series of networking events in different European cities where all engineering students will be invited to connect with their peers and enjoy fresh activities.

As part of these events, Ennomotive will present the participants with a real-life fun challenge to make them work on their creativity. Ennomotive will help creating teams to facilitate the discussion and the pitch of innovative ideas.

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