T.I.M.E. Call for Projects

As decided at the 2016 General Assembly in Prague, a further Call for Projects is being made in 2016-17.

Up to three new projects may be funded (up to 15,000 Euros per project) depending on the quality and relevance of the submissions. Note also that the T.I.M.E. Funding may used as a co-funding of a new or existing regional, national and international programme already in place in your institution, as long as the T.I.M.E. funding brings an added value.

Projects are funded for one year only.

Applications for funding must be submitted (by e-mail only) to the Secretary General on the attached form by January 18th 2017 .

They must be accompanied by a signed Letter of Support (scanned) from the Head of the Applicant Institution, which will be the Coordinator and Contractor, if the project is selected.

With my best regards,

Contact: Gwenaelle GUILLERME


Application Form: t-i-m-e-projects-application-form-2016-2017