Bauman Moscow State Technical University


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Russian Federation
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Dr. Sergey EROSHIN
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Prof. Anatoly Alexandrov
BMSTU is one of the biggest and oldest universities in Russia with the annual enrolment of over 3,500 students and the total number of more than 170,000 graduates. The university structure includes 8 Research and Education Units with 18 Faculties and two branches in the cities of Kaluga and Dmitrov. About 61% of associate professors (PhD-holders), 26% of full professors (holders of Doctors of Science degree) and 13% of faculty staff (holders of Diploma of Specialist) teach about 20, 000 students and 800 doctoral students. In 2007 about 1, 000 BMSTU scientists, including almost 700 faculty members, have managed to involve 1020 students to conduct research activities. Faculties and Research Institutes organised within the 8 Research and Education Units to enable students, faculty staff and scientists to study and conduct researches are offering a great deal courses in manufacturing engineering, computer science and control systems, robotics and integrated automation, radioelectronics, laser technology and medical engineering, power engineering, special-purpose engineering, fundamental sciences, engineering business and management, jurisdiction, social science, and linguistics. BMSTU has strong relations with the industry and research institutions. The study programmes were assessed and validated in 2004 by the authority at the ministerial level to offer students an Engineering degree (6 years) in 33 subject areas, BSc (4 years)in 28 subject ares, MSc (2 years)in 13 subject areas, and Ph.D (3-4 years)in 79 research subject areas. For international students non-degree programmes(1 nonth - 1 year)and foundation course to learn the Russian language, mathematics, Physics, Informatics) are also possible.