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Ms. Vassiliki THOMA
Founded in Athens, Greece in 1836, almost along with the Modern Greek State, National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.) is the oldest Technical University in Greece. Initially established by a Royal Decree “on architectural education”, it soon attracted many students. Its popularity leads to the extension of courses and by 1960 N.T.U.A. acquires its current form: a prestigious University of Science and Technology with eight high level Engineering Schools (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Computer, Architecture, Chemical, Rural & Surveying, Mining & Metallurgical, Naval Architecture & Marine). The ninth School of Applied Mathematical & Physical Sciences has been founded on 1999, covering subjects as Mathematics, Statistics, Physical Sciences, Philosophy and Humanities. From 1960’s N.T.U.A. is continuously expanding at the Zografou Campus, where eight of the nine Schools are located. The School of Architecture remains at the historic complex of Patission Street at the center of Athens. The Zografou Campus includes buildings with fully equipped lecture amphitheaters, laboratories and libraries, surrounded by a natural environment of 100 hectares. The academic calendar comprises 10 independent semesters (300 ECTS), the last one being devoted to the preparation of the Diploma Thesis. The diploma obtained is equivalent to a Master Diploma on the specialization of each School. There are currently 19 Departmental or Inter-Departmental Postgraduate Courses, coordinated by N.T.U.A. Schools, leading to the respective "Post Graduate Specialization Diploma". NTUA community includes about 9000 undergraduate and 1500 graduate students, 550 faculty members, 210 laboratory teaching staff, 190 laboratory personnel and 260 administrative staff. To serve the rapid expansion of research needs, NTUA uses a strong Computer Center, equipped with advanced technology computer systems and of nine special PC labs for all students in each School. NTUA participates to T.I.M.E. since 1998. The total number of T.I.M.E. students between NTUA and Ecole Centrale Paris / Politecnico di Milano / TUM is 19, from the Schools of Chemical and Mechanical Engineering.