Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet


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Mr. Wolfgang LASCHET
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Prof. Gunnar BOVIM
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Ms. Hilde SKEIE
NTNU in Trondheim, Norway, is a national university with a focus on technology and the natural sciences, as well as a solid standing in the humanities and the social sciences. Our technological tradition is interwoven with broadly based expertise in the classical university disciplines of the humanities, medicine and the social sciences. At the same time, NTNU offers the widest range of education in art subjects; music, the visual arts and architecture, of all the universities in Norway. The university and research: NTNU is the second-largest university in Norway. It has 53 departments, seven faculties, and 3300 employees. About half of these are in research positions. At any given time, students and scientists are involved in around 2000 research projects. NTNU is state funded. The annual budget for 2002 was approximately NOK 2.4 billion, or roughly $ 330, 000 000, or € 300 000 000 (March 2003). NOK 400 million is generated by external research. NTNU has a close relationship with SINTEF, Scandinavia's largest independent research foundation. SINTEF Group had 1929 employees in 2001, and a turnover of NOK 1.7 billion. Research studies: There are 20 000 registered students at NTNU. The university offers more than 2000 taught subjects. NTNU educates about 80 per cent of the graduate engineers in Norway. In 2001, more than a thousand masters-level degrees were awarded to graduates in professional studies (engineering, architecture, medicine, art and music). 250 completed masters degrees in the humanities and the social sciences. 203 PhD degrees were awarded at NTNU in 2002.