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T.I.M.E. Association
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This section contains information on the institutions which are currently members of T.I.M.E. (including contact details) and on cooperation activities with other T.I.M.E. members. In "List of Members", click on the name of the institution for a direct link to the information available on our members.

  • Each T.I.M.E. member directly updates its own information and guarantees the content. Updates are made as and when necessary, giving you access to the latest information on T.I.M.E.'s members.
  • Information provided includes general information about the institution, statistics, links to its website and T.I.M.E. homepage, and details of the three key correspondents: the Head of the Institution (President, Rector, Director, Dean....), the Delegate for International Academic Relations (Vice-Rector, Vice-Dean, Vice-President, etc..) and the Head of the International Office (in charge of the operation of student exchanges). One of these three is normally designated as the T.I.M.E. Correspondent (occasionally however, it may be a fourth person).
  • The purpose of this section is to provide all interested parties (other institutions - members of T.I.M.E. or not - public and private bodies, governmental organisations, employers, alumni and the general public) with the basic information they need to make contact with T.I.M.E. members in order to know more about our network's activities.
  • T.I.M.E. member institutions receive an ID and log-in password which give them access to full information about all members, for the purpose of networking and establishing new double degree cooperation agremeents.
  • If you are a T.I.M.E. member and do not find enough information on another member, you should ask the T.I.M.E. Correspondent for the institution concerned to update its section as soon as possible.
  • If you are a member of the public and do not find what you are looking for, you may ask any T.I.M.E. member for further information, or contact the Secretary General directly at:

Last modified 16-01-2008